Maine Asphalt Pavement Association
Maine Asphalt Pavement Association

Winter Paving offered by Ray Labbe & Son

Friday, December 19th, 2014 at 1:25 pm

Ray Labbe & Sons is pleased to announce our continued ability to provide hot-mix asphalt throughout the winter and spring, during a time when most conventional plants are closed.  With our asphalt recycler, we are able to produce hot-mix asphalt at any time of the year.  Using this technology there is no longer a need for “cold patch” which we all know does not hold up to regular use and is harmful to the environment.  When properly installed our hot-mix asphalt can be a permanent repair.

In addition to asphalt supply, we also provide hot box trucking, pavement prep, and installation services year-round.  With our various grinders, ranging from 12” to 40” wide, prepping for pavement in the winter months is done with ease.  Last year we paved state, town, and private projects all winter long with outstanding results, and our ability to provide hot-mix asphalt during the off-season kept numerous contractors and utility companies working throughout the winter and spring.

If you would like to receive a price sheet detailing our products and services or have any questions, including availability, please call us at (207) 725-7336 or send me an email at  There has been a considerable amount of interest already this season so please contact us in advance if you are interested in purchasing asphalt.

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