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Pave Maine Awards

Monday, July 2nd, 2018 at 4:54 pm

Pave Maine Award- Updated

MAPA’s Pave Maine Awards recognizes exemplary quality asphalt pavements. All pavements — roads, highways, commercial parking lots — are eligible for a Pave Maine Award.

Eligibility and Guidelines:
1. The Maine Asphalt Pave Maine awards are open to all Maine asphalt producers and all Maine contractors who are current members of MAPA.

2. Entries will be based on project tonnage. There are 4 categories to choose from;
a. 0-500
b. 501-2,500
c. 2,501-9,999
d. 10,000- and above

3. Projects submitted must be substantial complete and open to traffic (meaning that there may still be work to be done, such as striping, guard rails, landscaping etc.) at time of submission. Only Maine projects are eligible.

Participants will present their projects during the 2018 MAPA Annual Membership Meeting in November and the winners to be recognized at our 2019 Spring Paving Seminar in April. Entries are judged on 5 areas below. Please write a brief narrative on how the submission impacts the following (a paragraph or two);
1. Construction Techniques or Materials
2. Executing a Difficult or Challenging Job
3. Partnering with Your Client
4. Positive Impacts to the Community
5. Safety

1. Complete the submission form along with a $100.00 submission fee (this helps cover the cost of judges and awards).
2. Email five digital photos, suitable for publication (set camera for highest resolution possible) along with your application.
3. Include a letter of support from the job owner
4. Brief narrative of the project including; Construction Techniques or Materials, Executing a Difficult or Challenging Job, Partnering with Your Client , Positive Impacts to the Community, Safety.
5. One Page summary about the project, companies involved and why the project deserves the MAPA Pave Maine Award.
6. Submissions can be emailed to, mailed to MAPA, PO Box 5622, Augusta, ME 04332.
7. Questions? Email Tanya at or call 557-0939.

Deadline: February 28, 2019

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